The Cleaning Process for Natural Swimming Pools Is Similar to Wetlands in the Environment

The secret to having a swimming pool that is similar to a pond or small lake is biological filtration and regeneration. Instead of using chlorine and other harsh chemicals, this type of pool works with a carefully constructed ecosystem to make sure swimmers have clean, uncontaminated water. The pools are appealing to people who want to be more environmentally friendly, and to avoid breathing in chlorine fumes and routinely getting the disinfectant chemicals on their hair and skin.

These natural swimming pools have an area where people can enjoy the water and another area where many species of plants tackle microorganisms. That’s known as a regeneration zone; it’s a balanced environment that has created by professional pool builders who work with the landscape instead of trying to battle certain features of it with chemicals. Between the two areas is a biological filter that contains helpful bacteria to eliminate contaminants. The water does not remain still, so the property owners don’t have to be concerned about adding to the mosquito population. The water continuously travels from the swimming area through the filter to the regeneration area and then back to the pool.


People who are familiar with the benefits of wetlands will understand how this process works. Those wetlands are crucial for filtering water in the natural environment, and this is how the regeneration zone near the swimming pool functions. Not everyone lives in regions where wetlands are abundant, so they may want to do a little research about these valuable earth features. Even residents of regions where marshy land is prevalent can begin to get a better sense of how important wetlands are as they learn about the water purification process that swamps, bogs and other wetlands provide.

There are additional advantages to this type of swimming pool, as constructed by a company such as BioNova. It enhances the landscape with ponds and plants instead of the conventional and obviously man-made in-ground or above-ground swimming pool. Residents of the home have a serene place in which to swim or to sit near and relax, read and converse. In addition, this type of system uses significantly less water than a conventional pool

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